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Mosaic course program

In the courses you will learn the basics you need to be able to work independently on your own mosaic after a short period of time.


You can also bring your own materials.

I will of course support you in your artistic project!

The course groups and number of studio visitors are limited to a maximum of 6 people.

No previous manual skills are required.

Safety glasses and gloves (for grouting) are available and must be used.

Drinks and small snacks are available.

Mosaic glass tiles - basic workshop

This course is intended for everyone who would like to learn how to lay a mosaic design themselves. You will learn the basic techniques with which you can beautify any surface. You will learn to cut glass mosaics, to lay them in a gradual structure and to grout them safely and accurately.

You can bring your own motif or choose from templates.

The workshop takes place on three dates and lasts a total of approx. 9 hours.

The price is 135 euros

Tiffany glass - inspiration

(first steps)

Tiffany glass - varied in its structure and magnificent in colors! Whether you are a beginner or advanced - you will be amazed which work of art can be created in such a short time!

In this course you will learn to cut colored flat glass into different shapes and get an overview of materials, as well as different carrier objects and adhesives. In addition, the technique of direct laying is presented and valuable knowledge about grouting is imparted.

From the draft to the finished picture - you will learn all the steps!

The workshop takes place on three dates and lasts about 13 hours in total.

The price is 195 euros.

Children discover mosaic

I n small steps lead to a great result - an important principle in life that must be well trained!

In a small group, the children will choose their own motif under individual guidance and put together the mosaic from different materials. In addition to having fun, kids will improve their fine motor skills and expand their visual imaginations as they cut the shapes, match the colors, and carefully glue them. Parents are welcome to accompany their children, but they don't have to.

The workshop takes place on three dates, lasts 6 hours and costs 65 euros.

Material included .

Gartendeko, Mosaik auf Stein, Glas, Kera
Tiffanyglas auf Stein_edited_edited.jpg
Mosaik Stein, Gartendeko_
" Stones with stones"
Special workshop
for the time of nature
In a few hours, a stone can be turned into one
artistic eye-catcher.
Choose from various available materials (pieces of glass, ceramics).
You are welcome to bring your own stone and the "rubber of your choice" with you.

We work with materials for outdoor use, robust enough to withstand frost, moisture and heat.
The stones will look good as home decoration, in flower pots or as door stoppers.

The workshop takes place on 1 date and takes about 3 hours in total.

The price is 55 euros per person.

Mosaik Stein, Gartendeko_
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